May is Vision Health Month

Vision Awareness MonthMay brings spring flowers, but it is also the month where we follow-up on our vision health. You guessed it, May is vision health month.

As we bring awareness to healthy vision, it is vital to be sure to go through your annual healthy vision checklist so your eyes are as healthy as possible. 

Here are a few pointers to help keep your vision as healthy:

  1. Be sure to get your annually eye exam. This is vitally important to keep your vision in check and to make any necessary adjustments so you are able to see the most of the world around you.
  2. Wear sunglasses! As the summer months are upon us, and the sunlight is so strong, cover up your eyes and help protect against dangerous UV rays.
  3. Don't smoke. Yes, smoking can possibly increase the likelihood of optic nerve damage and macular deregulation which is extremely detrimental to your eyesight. In addition, smokers are four times more likely to go blind in their elderly age. 
  4. Avoid eye injury. A staggering number of Canadians have a medical eye injury every year, either at home, work, school, sports activities or while they are on the road. Do your best to protect your eyes, and wear protection while doing anything that may cause an eye injury.
  5. Be aware of your family history. Many eye conditions and diseases are hereditary, and will put you at a higher risk for also having the same condition. Be sure to talk to your family members and take preventative actions to help reduce your risks of contracting an eye disease. 

Eye Infections are serious. Take action, and if you believe you are contracting an eye infection, contact your optometrist immediately.  If you notice and are experiencing redness, pain, discharge, itching, blurred vision, sensitivity to light, and swelling in your eye, do not delay, and go see your Doctors of Optometry at Eyes on Derry.