How to Keep Your Eyes Safe During the Summer Season: Sun Protection

Most of us are aware of the harmful effects of the sun's UV rays on our skin that are associate with sunburns and skin cancer, however, these very same UV rays can also cause serious damages our eyes and eyesight.

UV radiation studies have been linked with increased risk of cataracts, macular degeneration and pingueculae. This is why it is vital to protect our eyes from the sun, and wear sunglasses that will help decrease the risk against sun damage to our eyes.

Are You at Risk?

Some risk factors for increased UV exposure when outdoors include:

  • Eye Protection in Summer SunGeographic locations that are closer to the equator, which are at greater risk of exposure to the sun.
  • Altitude, the closer you are to the sun, the greater the risk.
  • Time of Day, between 10am to 2pm is the greatest risk of exposure, as the sun is the strongest during those hours.
  • Exposure to water, snow and sand can potentially reflect UV rays onto a your eyes, this is why sun protection in winter is also very important.
  • Medications such as tetracycline, sulpha drugs, birth control pills and diuretics can put you at higher risk for sensitivity to UV rays. 

What Can You Do to Protect Your Eyes From UV Damage?

You should always wear 100% UV blocking sunglasses while outside. Be sure to double check that the sunglasses protect you from UVA and UVB rays. Also, wearing your sunglasses even during a cloudy day will help protect you against UV rays. 

Sun protection is not just limited to the summer season; these are precautions you should consider for the entire year to keep your eyes safe from sun damage all year round. 

How Are Children Effected by UV Rays?

It is extremely important to protect the eyes of your children since they spend a lot of time outdoors. It has been estimated that approximately half of an individual’s lifetime exposure to UV rays happens before 18 years old.

Did you know, 74% of parents make their children wear sunscreen, but only 32% of them make their children wear sunglasses. Sunglasses will help keep your children’s eyes and sight protected against harmful UV rays. Also be sure to use a hat to help shade their eyes.

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